Friday, October 10, 2014

Why fragments?

     According to the Cambridge dictionary, a fragment (
/ˈfræɡ·mənt) is a countable noun that means a small piece or part, especially one that is broken off of something. 

    According to Folse (2009), a fragment is an incomplete sentence. It is usually a phrase or a dependent clause not connected with the main one. 
      According to this blog and to the right of tweaking the language to my advantage, I will consider a fragment to be a point of view, a piece of an idea and thoughts on topics related to English teaching and learning. The essays found here are pieces of my bigger and more general understanding of what is and should be teaching English as a second language.

       I hope my fragments do not simply become a part that has broken off of something, as well as I hope they are not an incomplete parts of speech. What I truly hope is that my fragments are like building blocks. Although they should stand on themselves, the fun starts when you start connecting the pieces. What do I expect to build? I expect to provoke constructions and deconstructions based on reflections upon my (and many others') trade: teaching English as a second language.

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This blog is the final project of the Writing module in a Teacher Development Course at 
Casa Thomas Jefferson.


Cambridge Online Dictionary:

Folse, K. (2009). Keys to Teaching Grammar to English Language Learners: A Practical Handbook. University of Michigan Press

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